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Exclusive chocolate from Ecuador

Exclusive chocolate from Ecuador
Exclusive chocolate from Ecuador

The product is produced in the old manufacturing process without the use of high technology. Cocoa beans are collected, processed and produced as a finished product by hand. Due to this, chocolate has a high content of natural cocoa butter and does not contain flavoring additives and impurities. Derived from ground cocoa beans and sweetened with cane syrup.

• Ingredients: cocoa "Fino de Aroma" 75%, cane sugar 25%

• Origin: Private plantation in Ecuador, Esmeraldas region

• Packaging: 1000g foil bags, packed in cardboard package

• Certificate of quality: available

• Production: handmade, old manufactory

• Flavor: rich, nutty, fruity, malty

Quantity in 1 box 9
Number of boxes on pallet 40
Total number of pallets 8

1 Originally planted and handmade in Ecuador

2 Rare variety of cacao beans - Fino de Aroma accounts for no more 5% of the total World volume of cocoa beans

3 No additives and artificial flavoring

4 Extremely healthy and delicious 

5 No analogues on  European market

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